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Your Local Independent
Audiology Service


Tel: 07495 655084


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Initial hearing assessment

Full history including details of the hearing difficulties you may be experiencing and medical background.


Otoscopic examination of the ears to check the health of the outer ear canal and ear drum. If wax is present, it may be necessary to remove this using microsuction.


Tympanometry to check functioning of the middle ear. This technique uses a brief change in pressure to assess movement and function of the ear drum.

Audiometry - detailed hearing assessment using headphones or insert earphones. This checks the complete hearing pathway from the outer ear to the brain and determines hearing sensitivity over a range of frequencies.

Speech in noise. This is a ‘real world’ check to assess ability to distinguish speech in the presence of background noise.


Results of this comprehensive assessment will be explained and if hearing assistance is indicated the best solutions can be discussed.

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